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What is OZOLS?

OZOLS is an enterprise resource planning system that offers your company an opportunity to have one unified environment for all business planning related matters. OZOLS ERP unites everything – resource management, accounting, personnel management, as well as client resource management. Furthermore, we offer several already complemented solutions that are specifically adjusted to the needs of particular industries. Since OZOLS is a module-based system, these solutions consist of specifically combined modules and extra services that we offer. 

Could OZOLS ERP be adjusted to the needs of my company?

OZOLS ERP can be adjusted to the needs of businesses representing a vast variety of business fields. For the convenience of our clients, we have created several specific solutions that ensure successful enterprise resource management in specific industries. The main advantage of these solutions is the ability to use OZOLS ERP as one platform for both standard accounting, as well as for industry-specific matters. To ensure that our system can satisfy the needs of your company, please don't hesitate and contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our experienced project managers!

Why should I choose OZOLS ERP system?

OZOLS ERP system is a unique product due to several great qualities it holds. The main advantage of OZOLS is the opportunity to have all business-related information in one specific program. There will be no need to enter the same information twice – once it is there, it is there. Moreover, all of the data in one place means greater transparency, hence in the process of objective decision making it will be you who performs the best. Unlike lower level accounting programs, OZOLS also offers data accounting not only by accounts, but also by other dimensions the amount of which, with the help of some clever configuration, is unlimited. Furthermore, the module-based structure of our system allows greater adjustability level to the particular client. It is an opportunity to perfect your existing solutions, as well as to implement completely new ones, and to later integrate all of them together.

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