What is an ERP system OZOLS and what are its advantages


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What is OZOLS?

OZOLS ERP is a software for processing and analyzing business information. It accommodates enterprise resource management, financial accounting, HRM and CRM. OZOLS provides a unified environment for effective decision-making.

OZOLS advantages

  • ERP functionality

    The biggest advantage of OZOLS ERP is the possibility to process the entire business information in a unified system and to avoid repeated data entries.

  • Flexibility

    OZOLS ERP is easily adjustable and customizable to meet every company’s specific requirements. OZOLS can also be integrated with other systems. The system is modular and its functionality can be extended as your company grows.

  • Multidimensional accounting

    As opposed to simple accounting software, OZOLS ensures a possibility to track business activities not only by accounts but also by dimensions that unfold unlimited amount business analysis opportunities.